Introducing the Apex: Unleash Limitless Performance in the Field

Experience the pinnacle of performance and durability with the Apex—a 12 Gauge semi-automatic kinetic shotgun engineered to conquer the toughest conditions in the field. With its stock and barrel coated in Mossy Oak camouflage and frame coated with Cerakote, the Apex seamlessly blends into its surroundings while offering unparalleled protection against wear and tear.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the Apex features a titanium-coated barrel that ensures reliable performance even in the harshest environments. Its semi-automatic action delivers rapid-fire capability, allowing you to stay on target with unmatched speed and accuracy.

But it’s not just about performance—the Apex is built to withstand anything nature throws its way. With its scratch-resistant Cerakote coating, this shotgun is virtually indestructible, making it the ideal companion for hunters who demand the best.

Dominate the field with confidence and style. Experience the reliability, durability, and innovation of the Apex and take your hunting adventures to the next level.

SYSTEM    : Inertia – Kinetic
GAUGE : 12 
BARREL LENGTH : 28” / 26” / 24”
CHAMBERED FOR : 2-3/4″,3″ 
STOCK FINISH : Polymer with Mossy Oak Camo
RECEIVER FINISH : Cerakote with Titanium Coating
BARREL FINISH MECHANISM FINISH : Mossy Oak Camo : Black Titanium
MAGAZINE CAPACITY : 3+1,4+1,7+1,10+1
RECOMMENDED LOAD(MIN.) : 3-dam,1-1/8-oz.loads
SIGHT : Fiber with Two Ring
ACTION : Semi-Automatic
HAND DOMINENCE : Right handed

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