S8 Hunter

Introducing the S8 Hunter: Unleash Your Field Potential

Elevate your hunting experience with the S8 Hunter—an agile and dependable 20 Gauge over-under shotgun designed for the field. Weighing a mere 2.2 KG and coated entirely with Green Cerakote, this shotgun is your ultimate companion for every outdoor adventure.

Built for durability and performance, the S8 Hunter combines lightweight construction with rugged reliability, allowing you to move swiftly and stealthily through the wilderness. Its 20 Gauge configuration offers versatility and power, while the Green Cerakote coating ensures protection against the elements, season after season.

Whether you’re tracking game in dense forests or traversing open fields, the S8 Hunter delivers unmatched accuracy and handling, making every shot count. Experience the freedom to roam and the confidence to take on any challenge with the S8 Hunter by your side.

Dominate the field with precision and style. Discover the S4 Hunter and unlock your full hunting potential today.

Gauge12 Gauge
System12.Cal Ejector
Barrel Lenght47-51-66-71-76-81 CM
Barrel4140 Steel(Ori Martin)
StockPremium Turkish Walnut A Grade
ReceiverSteel Frame(Ori Martin)
ChokesMobile Chokes
CoatingAnodized and Lasered
SightTwo Ring Fiber

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